Team Eve Gaming Logo


Creating Team Eve’s logo was a rewarding experience, and a test of the process of achieving a shared vision with a client.  Below I discuss the process I used to communicate online, across the globe, to deliver not only a logo for an up and coming eSports team, but some working assets for their web and streaming needs.



Establish Intent – The above image compiled the sources that I asked the client bring to me as direction on how we might evaluate their personal tastes for their design and their intent.  I want the final product to represent as best as possible the client’s unique identity as well as resolve their professional needs.


Initial Drafts – In these first set of concepts I brain storm in order to pass on my initial visual iterations of what has been discussed in our initial intent meeting.  From this point we meet to discuss possible direction, growth, likes, and dislikes.

Notice that I work with a single color to emphasis the logo’s simplest form. It’s important that the silhouette is easily distinguished and unique, and that the client and the artist aren’t bogged down by color and rendering choices at that this point.


Establish Rough Draft – In this phase I refine selected visuals that are appealing to the client while also introducing a few new ideas to challenge the direction the design is developing is still the best option.


Eve-Logo-Draft---Page-ICommit to Final Rough – Often there are small refinements and choices to be tested to as confident as possible before finalizing and rendering.  Often the these last choices of the design are the most difficult to make choices on.



Finalize and Render – Here you can see the refining moments of the basic concept.  The last parts of the design are usually the most difficult to make choices on.  Below is a sheet where I’ve demonstrated the distilling of chosen draft concepts that lent to the final concept.  After the basic shape of the design is completed, I consult the client on the types of finished rendering they’d like to for the most common use of the Logo.  Notice I’ve brought back some of the reference images identified by the client initially supplied.

It is important to remember that the client doesn’t have the artist knowledge and design vocabulary to convey what they might be looking for.  I think of myself as a creative and skillful aid, guiding my client to their destination.  This way we arrive at a product that the client can be excited about.

Apply the Logo:  Ensure the Final Logo satisfies intent – Below you can see some of the Stream overlays Team Eve used.  You can see how effective a strong and alluring Logo can be in quality branding.

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