Joshua Keyes

or “Raihn” as he is also known as in the online community, is an American freelance artist who has worked on a wide range of projects from illustration to animation, company logos to product design and advertisements, web design to game design. He is a freelance artist as well as regular gaming community contributer.

Keyes grew up in Washington State aspiring to be a commercial artist. After graduating from high school, he joined the Marine Corps. After two deployments to Iraq as an infantryman and completing his four year contract, he began pursuing his A.S. in Animation and A.A. in transfer studies at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, California.

While still in college, Keyes was recommended by the department to local companies that were in search for artists, such as SWIRE and DIP INC., where he worked as an artist, but quickly became the company’s Product Designer as well.

Despite Keyes’ versatile artistic abilities, his passion still lies in E-Sports and gaming. Joshua “Raihn” Keyes has volunteered hundreds of hours in web and graphics design. At, Keyes maintained his own feature article known as Raihn’s Art of War, which now finds its home at He has worked for TeamLiquid, Grubby, TastelessGaming, Kripp, and BaseTrade TV.

Joshua.Keyes (at)