Welcome to my keep!

This site has long been a vault of musings and creations.  A trove of trinkets, trophies, and triumph await. Alas, the specters of defeat loom, but they too leave precious riches in their wake: experience and knowledge.  I primarily enjoy helping others reach their full potential whilst joining, if even in short, their own valiant quests.  My road lay scattered about the vastness of the realm.  Never alone, my constant companion drives me forth. Philosphy, Faith, Virture, and Truth call, via the Forge I must answer.

When setting upon any venture we most settle upon intent, give some substence to perhaps an idling dream of yor and younder.  A roadmap must be drafted, obsticles and challenge will be turned to adventure and triumph!  Finally, the spectar that stalks us all, time unavoidably shall be reconsiled by the dreaded drafting of schedules… yuk.


Joshua ‘Raihn’ Keyes

Hello! I am an American freelance artist and have worked on a wide range of projects from illustration to animation, company logos to product design and advertisements, web design to game design. I am a freelance artist, gaming designer, and community contributer.

I grew up in Washington State aspiring to be a commercial artist. After graduating from high school with a strong desire for public service and challenge, I joined the United States Marine Corps. After two deployments to Iraq as an infantryman and completing my four year contract, I began pursuing an A.S. in Animation and A.A. in transfer studies at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, California.

While I was still in college, I was recommended by the department to local companies that were in search for artists. These included design company: SWIRE, freelancing design servious in Holywood, and a startup board game developer: DIP LLC. At DIP I worked as an freelance artist, but quickly became the company’s Product Producer, Web Designer, and Quality Consualtant as well.

Despite my versatile artistic interests, my passion still lies in E-Sports and gaming. I have has volunteered hundreds of hours in web and graphics design. At WCReplays.com, I maintained a feature article known as Raihn’s Art of War, which now finds its home at TeamLiquid.net. Since, I’ve happily worked with the likes of TeamLiquid, Grubby, IdrA, Tasteless, Kripp, ProxyWolf, and BaseTrade TV.


Joshua.Keyes (at) gmail.com


  1. Hi, I saw your work on youtube and was astounded. I doubt you will have any trouble finding a job with the likes of Blizzard, your material is right up there with the best of them. I was just wondering, what software/hardware did you use to make the Fire Elemental and Orc Lord pieces? Thanks in advance.

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