Unchosen Paths

2009 – 2018
Team Leader: Design, Illustration, Animation, Production

The guitar-playing Goat, known for his electrical tracks from Castlevania on Castle Goat, joined creative forces, giving birth to their indie game development studio Unchosen Paths LLC.

Goat executed the programing aspects of the game, like building a game engine from the ground up, while producing an original soundtrack for it.  Keyes filled the roles of producer, artist, game director, and software designer as he not only creates the conceptual art and other assets, but also designs and manages the overall vision of the project and tools.

Team Liquid

2012 – 2016
Freelance: Design, Graphics

After submitting a request to join the staff at the legendary eSports website:, Josh was quickly picked up for the graphics department.

His first assignment was to design the overlay graphics for the Team Liquid Pro Starcraft and DOTA 2 team.  The overlays are seen daily by thousands of fans that tune in to watch players practice on live streaming services such as  It represents the website, the competitive team, and their sponsors.

Joshua plans to continue supporting the eSports community that has become such a positive influence for so many young and old.  To be apart of the Team Liquid community is to be apart of a group of people that strive always for excellence.

Team Grubby

2010 – 2013
Freelance: Social Media Consulting, Web Design, Branding, Illustration

Especially gratifying and challenging was the association with Grubby E-Sports when professional gaming athlete Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen launched his own brand.

As Lead Designer, Keyes produced a wide range of works for Grubby E-Sports, some of which include creating the iconic Grubby logo, designing a complete team and community website, producing professional stationary for the company, designing graphics for video and streaming overlays, as well as gaming merchandise.

At a time when Electronic Sports was starting to gain momentum, his artwork helped forward the budding Grubby brand and helped it build a reputation of being known for its unique and original visuals.

2005 – 2010
Feature Contributor: Web Design, Branding, Illustration, Feature Writer/Coordinator

In early 2005, Joshua “Raihn” Keyes volunteered to work at, better known as WCR, a WarCraft community site where fellow gamers come together to share their love for the game. He obtained the position of Feature Artist where he showcased his feature Art of War.

He worked as part of the WCR staff for many years, citing the community as his source of inspiration: “I am passionate about the gaming community not just because it’s fun, but because it contributes positively to people and society in general.”

Additionally, Keyes also accomplished the positions of Graphics Staff and Writing Coordinator. As the lead graphics staff, he produced visual assets for the website, game replays, feature articles, and gaming tournaments. As Writing Coordinator, he directed the writing department and edited news articles and writing features, making sure to put forth quality content for readers.

In his youth, playing Blizzard games and connecting with its community provided a creative outlet for him.

“The games that Blizzard created captured my imagination as a youth, giving me an escape from my difficult childhood that didn’t involve drugs or delinquency,” Keyes said. “Instead the game allowed me to be a hero and fight for the forces of good in a virtual world.”

“Extending beyond my computer, I became motivated to exercise my artistic skills in an attempt to someday measure up to the culmination of visual design that was presented through the video game media,” he said. “The WCR community played a role in that, thus I was happy to give back to the community in the years that I’ve volunteered there.”

Tasteless Gaming

2008 – 2009
Freelance: Design, Graphics, Merchandise

Joining forces for a time with Nick “Tasteless” Plott, a previous StarCraft pro-gamer who is renowned as a prominent shoutcaster for StarCraft I and II, along with his crew to create his website back in 2008 proved an enlightening experience. Unfortunately, is no longer up.  During his time there, Keyes produced web assets as well as graphic designs for Tasteless’ t-shirts.

DIP Enterprises Inc.

2006 – 2009
Freelance Artist: Design, Graphics, Merchandise

As a college student in 2006, Joshua Keyes was hired by DIP Enterprise INC as one of several graphics artists to produce art for a board game. The quality and integrity of his works were quickly recognized, leading to his promotion to Lead Art Designer where he oversaw all graphical development. Keyes also acted as advisor and contributor of concepts for the budding company.

Some of his works include designing the game board, board tiles, in-game supplies such as character pieces, play money, drawing cards, instructions booklet, and designing the packaging of the game.

The company also commissioned him to design a website for PC the Game, where Keyes spent countless hours illustrating and producing assets for it.

Keyes also took on the tasks of creating advertisements and products for PC the Game. He created print advertisements for magazines and flash advertisements to be used online. Moving beyond that, he also designed a bobble-head for the game as well as its packaging.

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