Graphical Content Execution Techniques
Managing, applying, and organize efficient graphical content.

Viability Exercise in Retro Graphics
Appreciative studies and application inspired by games of old.

Merc Content Production and Design
Graphic design projects, logos, T-shirts, Web assets, etc

  • RF: MCPD – T-Shirt -WIP-
  • RF: MCPD – Artbook
  • RF: MCPD – Tactical Brand Dev
  • RF: MCPD – ProxyWolf Brand Dev -WIP-
  • RF: MCPD – Pending Streaming Logo
  • RF: MCPD – Illustration Traditional GrimLazorz -WIP-
  • RF: MCPD – Illustration Digital Mut Barbarin-WIP-

Fan Inspired Graphics Exercise
Various fanboy related works

Core Expression Side Project
Personal artistic ventures in order to express self

Vault Associate Contributions Summary
Summery of Associate works and contributions for reference

  • RF: VACS – Grubby -pending-
  • RF: VACS – WCreplays -WIP-
  • RF: VACS – Politically Correct -pending-
  • RF: VACS – BaseTradeTV -WIP-
  • RF: VACS – TeamLiquid -pending-
  • RF: VACS – Unchosen Paths -pending-

Valid Operation? Invest or Destroy
Vaulted ideas

  • UF: VOID – Junkyard King
  • UF: VOID – Tetra-knight
  • UF: VOID – Pong Swansong
  • UF: VOID – Taptacular Venture