Twitch Icon – Arbiter

  Resize     Redrawn    Chibi

I tackled what I thought was going to be a much more simple task.  Taking a Starcraft 1 arbiter and making a Twitch icon out of it for a well known Starcraft 2 player.  Being that the Starcraft assets where already quite small, I assumed that resizing it a little smaller wouldn’t be to bad an approach.

To be honest it wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t satisfied with the muddy result, so I decided to do a rough redraw of the image to simplify it a bit, This was it stand out a bit more when sized down.

As a final pass I tried a Chibi version of the unit.  I find that doing chibi versions of characters and objects forces you to bring out the most important design choices that make the subject identifiable.  The result I felt comes across fairly well, but using it is a matter of taste.  Using Chibi assets in any design will push it toward a bit more of a cute esthetic.

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Team Eve Gaming Logo


Creating Team Eve’s logo was a rewarding experience, and a test of the process of achieving a shared vision with a client.  Below I discuss the process I used to communicate online, across the globe, to deliver not only a logo for an up and coming eSports team, but some working assets for their web and streaming needs.

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Grubby Shop Coming Soon

While in the process of designing Grubby’s first run website, we decided the Shop would need a place holder as we were to release before it was ready.  I took the opportunity to have a little fun Open-mouthed smile

shop_coming_soon2 copy

The Stacraft 2 SCV has his work cut out for him.  This looks to be a long build time.

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Team Web Building

Most of the websites I’ve ever worked on have been with Teams across the Globe.  The client in Europe must have his intent fulfilled.  The Web coder in California must understand some of the subtlety of design.  The artist must uphold the integrity of the design. 

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Four Oh Four Screen


Check out the speed painting!

It is customary for websites to have error pages that are somewhat fun. Its frustrating when things break on the internet, so if we are hit with something that makes us smile, it is a bit easier to let go the frustration in running into a glitch.

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WIld Goose Casio Print Designs

casino aniversery2  Friday Poker copy   holdem_tournament copy2 

These assets were used for a Casino as a way to update some of the look and feel of their promotions and table print outs.  The project was far and away from what I usually work on.  In the end, though the project was very fun and I was able to learn many more interesting techniques in creating fun designs for print of online assets.


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