Creative Cog Cool Down


Yesterday we hit a pretty big milestone for the game development. I’d been putting in average of 12 hours days for about a month and only took a couple days off, I was pretty exhausted.  After, I wanted to rest but couldn’t seem to shift into relax gear no matter what.  So I decided I’d force myself out of my office allowing only a pencil, sharpener, and clipboard for the rest of the evening. 

Kicking back with feet on the coffee table and some good ol’ Starcraft competition on the big-screen I was able to relax while still cooling down the creative cogs.  Feeling very grateful for my wife, friends, faith and the adventure that is every day.

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TeamLiquid Artist Directory Submission

One of the most influential aspects of my artistic growth has come from being apart of a global community, as a consumer and contributor, through the power of the internet.  My hobby and past time has been, for the last ten years, the myriad of aspects erupting from eSports.  Ever since I began consuming the content provided by community members and the grass roots effort to bring the phenomenon to the masses, I’ve been contributing as well. 

TeamLiquid has been a community that I consider myself affiliated with for a good while now.  Recently wo1fwood has posted a resource that focuses on the very growth and talent aspect of the online contributing artist group.  If you have any artistic interest or appreciation I’d urge you to check out:


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Sketch – Tap Out Toss


   Another fun eSports sketch inspired by ToD and his choke-out victory over Stephano.  I quite enjoyed watching the match, but was quite frustrated at the commentary.  ToD was slowly choking out the Zerg giant Stephano, while not using a unit that was commonly used in the matchup.  ToD’s decision to not use the standard meta-game strat along with his sheer fighter’s will to overpower his opponent made for one of the most entertaining matches I’ve seen yet. 

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Team Liquid Overlay–In Game


I am very proud to present one of my latest ventures in live game streaming graphics.  I was given the important task of creating Team Liquid Pro’s in game Starcraft 2 overlay.  Team Liquid is perhaps the most well known Starcraft eSports entity in the English speaking world, and attracts thousands of viewers daily on their teams multiple live streams.  You may find the very kind official announcement here

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Icons for Editors

I’ve been working on my side scroller game for awhile now.  I took a break from environments to make some fun icons for our editors.  (Left to right)  Behavior Editor, Maria Sprite Editor, Scenery Converter, Sonia Sector Editor, Text Utility.


Behavior EditorMaria Sprite EditorScenery Converter

Sonia Sprite EditorText Creator

The Heart of a Man

the Heart of a Man

This was another practice of listening to a specific song on repeat the entire time that I work on a piece.  The track is then used for the background music in the speedpainting.  The hope is that the piece really reflects something in the music, and it forces a lot of creativity from me even when I might not feel the most creative.

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Running with Fusion can be Dangerous…


My study/work in progress vlog


I have spent the last couple of days studying run cycles for an indie game that I have been working on.  I have done a lot of work animating in the past, and in particular the run cycle.  For me it’s a hard thing to wrap your head around, because there are many right ways to do it, as well as many wrong. 

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