TeamLiquid Artist Directory Submission

One of the most influential aspects of my artistic growth has come from being apart of a global community, as a consumer and contributor, through the power of the internet.  My hobby and past time has been, for the last ten years, the myriad of aspects erupting from eSports.  Ever since I began consuming the content provided by community members and the grass roots effort to bring the phenomenon to the masses, I’ve been contributing as well. 

TeamLiquid has been a community that I consider myself affiliated with for a good while now.  Recently wo1fwood has posted a resource that focuses on the very growth and talent aspect of the online contributing artist group.  If you have any artistic interest or appreciation I’d urge you to check out:


You will find resources, guides, and a listing of contributors as well as aspiring artists that donate their time, passion, and aspirations to the global community that resides under the umbrella of TeamLiquid and the enjoyment of eSports.

For posterity, I’ll be posting my admission petition below:

Hello TeamLiquid!  I’m Joshua ‘Raihn’ Keyes, I’ve been around eSports for awhile and I love it!  I’m currently an Indie Game Developer full time while I continue to contribute my design and illustration skills within the community.  I’ve had the privilege to work with TeamLiquid, Grubby, IdrA, Tasteless, and Team Eve.  You may know my work from any of the TeamLiquid streaming overlays or backgrounds used for Twitter.  I am also proud to be a featured blogger! 😀

Feature 1:  Grubby, IdrA, and Team Eve eSports Logos


Feature 2:
TeamLiquid Starcraft 2 Stream overlay + Ads


Feature 3:
TeamLiquid DotA 2 Stream Overlay + Ads


Feature 4: Grubby’s Elite Guard – Wallpaper and Stream Background


Feature 3: TeamLiquid Twitter Back-ground Images


Feature 6: Indie Game – Animation, Illustration, Game Design, Interface, Creative DevcircleSelect_01

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