The Heart of a Man

the Heart of a Man

This was another practice of listening to a specific song on repeat the entire time that I work on a piece.  The track is then used for the background music in the speedpainting.  The hope is that the piece really reflects something in the music, and it forces a lot of creativity from me even when I might not feel the most creative.

The music is of Shim, “Un Homme de Coeur” is the tittle of the song.  Which from I gather means, ‘the heart of a man’ in French. 

I think the greatest aspect of this image is the story that its telling.  Looking through the image I feel like I did a decent job of allowing the viewer to explore the story of the scene.  Sparking the imagination of the viewer is important to me.  Engaging the audience is always a goal of a good concept.

Remembering to always convey as much story through every piece in your work is very important.  When I do my work I’m constantly thinking of how I can communicate something more about the world I’m building a window into.  You are always designing, make it purposeful design, not accidental.

This image was done in a relatively short amount of time, so I would like to have spent more time rendering out almost every part of the image.  There is something to be said about limiting yourself and appreciating a work for its what it is communicating without the fancy rendering dressing.


  1. Actually, that would be “a man of heart”, not “heart of a man”. But we don’t mind, because the painting is awesome. 😉

  2. You are very talented, Josh! Jayson and I have been checking out your work tonight. WOW!

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