Draft Concept- Map Screen


This is a map screen I’ve been drafting up for a 2d platforming game.  There are a lot of constraints to ensure the process is efficient to quickly develop more for different levels, and to ensure that we keep it as light as possible on the coding end as well. This is definitely a draft that I can see going in and adding some small effects to keep it feeling dynamic.

Side Scrolling Study

On my Long Journey learning about creating side scrolling game assets and development I’ve done many an intensive study.  Today I thought I would share a few of my older study images I generated along the way.

Click here to see time lapse video of me working

Here we have a familiar forest:

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Sketchbook Therapy – Mario Reacts


A hero is determined by one’s reaction, not by ones station.  – Joshua B. Keyes

There is a lot of misuse of the word ‘hero’ these days.  Sometimes people just assume if you are in the police department of the military you are a ‘hero’.  While there are many heroic individual’s that reside in these stations, it is not always the case.  Public servants should be treated with every bit of respect their station deserves, but bear in mind there are great minority of truly awful people in these stations as well, as I know from personal experience as an infantry Marine.  Be sure though, to recognize if you are a person saying teachers are not trustworthy because a child molester decided to wear their station as a disguise.

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Infantry Moments

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Images scanned from my time in the Marine Corps.  Often Sketching during down time in the field.

After 10 years of being out of a combat environment, I still have what I like to call ‘infantry moments’.

It was early in the morning, couldn’t sleep most of the night again but as the wife woke up and was getting ready for work I was finally able to. In my world, she has taken over guard duty, now it’s okay to sleep.

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Cheerful: Mannerlisk



I was watching WCS Europe today and decided to part take in the PizzaGame!  I decided on the Thorzain and Dimaga match, they are both cool guys and this is what went through my mind when I saw their matchup up and coming.  Bare in mind I spent about an hour on this on my break from work, so please dont be too harsh :/

❤ Dimaga and Thorzain, sad they didn’t make it through 😦  Better luck next time, guys!  GG WP!