Monsieur Toad


 All for one, and one for all!  A fun little sketch I did today for a friend who’s online nick is Monsieur Toad.  Despite his colorful appearance and confident smirk, this little guy is not to be taken lightly!  He is bound by honor!

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Downwhere’s Man


A friend of mine from the WCR community has been hard at work on creating a series of hilarious videos where he takes games that allow you to make morality decisions and plays out the meanest of the options. He commentates over the gaming for added entertainment.

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Four Oh Four Screen


Check out the speed painting!

It is customary for websites to have error pages that are somewhat fun. Its frustrating when things break on the internet, so if we are hit with something that makes us smile, it is a bit easier to let go the frustration in running into a glitch.

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The Heart of a Man

the Heart of a Man

This was another practice of listening to a specific song on repeat the entire time that I work on a piece.  The track is then used for the background music in the speedpainting.  The hope is that the piece really reflects something in the music, and it forces a lot of creativity from me even when I might not feel the most creative.

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Encounter in the Deep – Speedpainting

I put this song my brother made on repeat until I had a decent digital sketch. Then I uploaded the speed painting along with the song.  This was about four hours of work.


Encounter in the Deep Speed Painting

King of the Hill Avatars for

What is this?

Recently I was asked to create custom Avatars for weekly king of the hill (KotH) warcraft 3 contest in association with The avatar is to be 90×90 px and is of the Fallen King. The Fallen King is he who loses his KotH position, and must wear the crown of shame until the he redeems himself, or until there is another fallen king.

Updated Gallery of King avatars:

Orc King – Human King – Undead King – Nightelf King – Fallen King

Larger versions:

Click to watch the speed painting video of the Fallen King

Click to watch the speed painting video of the Undead King

Click to watch the speed painting video of the Orc King

Click to watch the speed painting video of the Human King

Click to watch the speed painting video of the Nightelf  Commander

Click to watch the speed painting video of the Fire Elemental

all images © Joshua Keyes 2008 all rights reserved

nShadowsong’s Dragon

Steph's Dragon

My wife and I like to play a game where she will make some lines on a paper and then I will create what I see out of the curves and sketched lines she has drawn.  These are usually really quick and fun drawings.  Steph really enjoyed this dragon sketch, so I decided to fully render the dragon.

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