Mecromage Foundational Assets

Test room for Foundational Assets

Foundational assets in Mecromage are the blueprint building blocks that indicate visual asset placement as well as game-mechanic specific objects.  They are designed to easily swap in and out to create Environment Themes.  They are instanced throughout the game in a way that allows them to be easily maintained.

2017-06-13 13.39.21.jpg
Breakdown of wall assets

Deciding what and how these Foundational Assets would be, and importantly how they would be organized and maintained, has been no easy feat.  Clear communication of the needs of designers, artists, and programmers is essential.

‘Structure’ Foundational Assets

It’s become clear throughout development that well tested conventions  need to be established as early as possible.  Without, friction within a team will become exponentially amplified as game assets, mechanics, and content propagate.  Iteration is a pillar of the design process, but can quickly clutter concepts if they are not well managed and properly jettison from the working project.  Lessons hard learned become skills deeply ingrained.  Scene depth classification, game units of measurement, foundational Assets/blueprint, and ‘grey boxing’ capability are invaluable pillars of game design.

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