MUSE: Perspectives

Place for me to put my philosophies etc.

Gaming, Good or Bad?

It is. Too much can be terrible for you, too little and one may miss out it’s bevy of benefits. My measure of difference is if I’m taking what I’m doing in the game out of the game, in some productive or positive way.

Often this is art or graphics inspired. Nearly as much is fuel for the social circle to keep on turning. Other times it’s philological therapy, where I can escape to the woods to build a camp in fallout, or engage in such demanding competition that all other mental harassment must abide.

Overtool Overload

There are so many different ways to accomplish the same things. From digital life management systems, social networking, gaming, and traditional finance tracking techniques. It’s become a problem in itself to choose the right tool to start fixing any other problem.

Currently, I’m testing the ideology of 1 and 1. Find one digital tool for every traditional, and stick with one system for each. Exclusively digital or traditional isn’t a true option. For every digital thing there needs to be a source object in the real world to accompany it. Even if the tactile object is vastly inferior, it will always be the totem to the ever changing dreamscape of the digital.