RF: FISB – Reap The Whirl Wind

Reap The Whirl Wind – Joshua Keyes

I’ve been playing a lot more Starcraft 2 recently, along with some old friends. The games, though low skill level, are still incredibly fun. We are all getting a bit better as we play more. The inspiration carries over to my art, as it should, and I find myself uncontrollably compelled to doodle.

It’s inspiring on two fronts, one is that as we get older it is evident we can still learn a few new tricks, The other is that the games’ universe building and design stands the test of time. It evokes the right amount of nostalgia whilst feeding the imagination a feast of amazing design and direction choices that bring you in like cheap fast food, but satisfy like good wholesome home cookin’.

You called down the thunder, now reap the whirl wind.

Blissful Ghost – 1998

Being your average middle age Commanders, stationed across the globe, delicate timing and capitalization on established windows of opportunity are imperative. Depending on who’s fit to fight at a given time, it could be a 2 or 3 commander team that sets out to protect the sector. Ladder heroes we are not, yet this twisting nether calls for any who would have the courage to confront. It is there that the battle is done, there that pride is truly lost or won.

The available generals may determine it’s time to weed out weakness in 2v2 or 1v1. We talk over weakness and strengths, where we could get better now and what might take a longer time. Usually we choose 1 ladder map for our practice, so we can reduce variables.

Starcraft is such a good fuU*BURRRP*FUking good game!

Tbone – anytime he plays Starcraft

Replays are thrown around via messengers so those of us at work or taking care of kids can catch the highlights. Jibs and jabs are thrown at one another for our race choices, tactics, and overall noobility. My Bnet buddy Tbone puts it best when inevitably says ‘Starcraft is such a good fuU*BURRRP*FUking good game!’ At least a handful of times each campaign of Galacticide we endeavor.

Indeed it is, Tbone, indeed it is.

gln1 (good luck next one)!

Pub: TeamLiquid, DA

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