UF: VERG – Castleroid: 02

Unchosen Forge: Viability Exercise Retro Graphics – Castleroid

I’ve been messing with a tile template system for a long time. Too long, really. But I’m making some steady progress in what I like and what I feel is an intelligent way to execute and organize assets, pipelines, and presentation methods.

Believe it or not, tonight is the first time I’ve used the animation feature in Tiled. It’s pretty fun, and I’m happy it’s included. I wish I could export as a native animated gif, but I just used a capture tool for this.

Since my last post I’ve added quite a bit of organization refinements, and touched up a lot of the graphics. I’m still not totally happy with some of what is going on, but I’m am pleased with the progress.

I’m looking forward to trying to apply the system to more of the game. Hopefully I’ll be able to redux the entire Castlevania 1 in pixel art first, and then the real test begins with an HD version. Followed up with maybe a speed run re-animation, and then a context swap to demonstrate the power of the system I’m devising.

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