Grekan vs Gorilla

Grakan vs Gorilla

This is a little fan art piece I created in honor of the Idra vs Jinro Starcraft 2 GSL battle.  I enjoy the player’s personas, and so sparked this image in my mind.  Feel free to check out the speedpainting, and sketches below! 

Speed painting of my Idra vs Jinro fan art.


sketches_grek sketches_lisk

Some sketches I created while conceptualizing a ‘Hidra/Grekanlisk’  Too much fun!

EDIT:  I won an EG art contest with this image!  Thanks so much to EG and SteelSeries!

Can’t say I never win anything anymore! Open-mouthed smile

Congratulations on winning our “IdrA vs. Jinro” fan art contest! You’ll be receiving a brand new SteelSeries gear pack including a 7H Headset (USB), SX Mousepad, EG Mousepad, Xai Laser Mouse, and a Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100 gaming network card.


  1. Fantastic artwork! My friend linked it to me last night, and I really like it.

    Any chance of making it wallpaper-sized?

    1. I plan on making a wallpaper sized image, Although the quality of the art isn’t at that level yet. I need to sit down with it for a few more hours to get it to where It will actually look decent at resolution. Hopefull it will be done before Sunday! 😀

  2. Wow. It’s impressive that you did that epic of a work in 10 hours. Enlightening to see the whole process, exactly what goes on in that kind of thing.

    Thanks for your work. ^^

  3. hey dude i’m just a casual player but i like follow sc2 pro gamers, you have made a very VERY nice and representative work (idra is so good imagine), don’t stop!

    ps: can you draw a protoss next time?

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