11 comments on “Grekan vs Gorilla

  1. Fantastic artwork! My friend linked it to me last night, and I really like it.

    Any chance of making it wallpaper-sized?

    • I plan on making a wallpaper sized image, Although the quality of the art isn’t at that level yet. I need to sit down with it for a few more hours to get it to where It will actually look decent at resolution. Hopefull it will be done before Sunday! 😀

  2. Wow. It’s impressive that you did that epic of a work in 10 hours. Enlightening to see the whole process, exactly what goes on in that kind of thing.

    Thanks for your work. ^^

  3. hey dude i’m just a casual player but i like follow sc2 pro gamers, you have made a very VERY nice and representative work (idra is so good imagine), don’t stop!

    ps: can you draw a protoss next time?

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