WCR Art Feature: Painseeker

Welcome to yet another Art of War from good ol’ WCreplays and yours truly, Raihn. Lots of life changing stuff happened to me since my last feature, and all of it seems to be turning out for the best. Praise the Lord for all the blessings I have received, amen. This feature comes at you much quicker because, for one, it wasn’t going to be a feature, and two, I am off from school for about two months, (one left). I hope you all enjoy, and love chilling at WCreplays just as much as I do

Subject: “sniff, sniff” This mangy creature takes in the scent of the wood around him, somehow it is able to filter out it’s own unsavory odor and recognize something out of place. The beast issues a low growl that leaves no doubt that this humanoid is more feral than anything else. Something, it realizes, has invaded his territory.

It’s tatter and matted fur stands on end as lean muscles tense up. The gnoll springs powerfully forward as it finds the scent coming down wind; he can almost taste the invader’s warm meat mashing between its cruel fangs. The creature moves quicker and quicker, abandoning almost all caution as the teasing cent drives him beyond any thought but that of the kill.

A shuffle from the side reveals the prey, completely unaware of the readied hunter. The unbalanced and obviously frightened man-thing fumbles its rusty axe with more than a little discomfort. The day of scouting has been a rough one for the un-expecting militia-man, and his fate seems to have darker roads lined up for him before the day is done. The hunter wastes little time in pouncing the ignorant prey. For tonight, at least the Gnoll will eat well indeed…

Reason:This is originally an avatar for Painseeker, so, the whole idea is relative to his name/nick.

Name: Painseeker. Unfortunately, our furry friends are really there for us to take out a little aggression, get some experience and items. These guys are abused, and have little hope of winning any battles verse any decent player. But, they keep coming on anyways, giving us a little bit of joy at a time. Hearing them squeal when they die is a particular joy of mine. None the less, you must give them some respect for taking it, even if they can’t always dish it.
Special thanks go out to my professional critic, you know who you are. Also to Painseeker for all the fun at karaoke, this one is for you bro. Thanks go out to Kross for liking this one ;P Of course, I can’t say enough about how awsome the WCreplays staff are, as well as the site guests. Take care all gl hf, now go out and own some gnolls.

-God bless, Raihn

© 2006 Joshua Keyes

Click here to view original WCReplays.com Art Feature!

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