WCR Art Feature: Seige

Holy crap it’s been a long time since I have put out a feature! I can only repent and ask forgiveness. Indeed, I was put out of commission all of last semester, I erred in the ways of selecting classes. Word to the wise, don’t take the three toughest and most time consuming art classes at your college at the same time!
This feature took quite a long time. Much longer than some others due to the technical issues. I used some perspective! Pretty fun stuff, but quite time consuming, as you will see in my replay. I hope you all will enjoy it. I am sure that some Orc players will enjoy the idea of marching into a human base and causing havoc. Must be on the time top ten list of “favorite things to do with the Orc” race. Oh the pain for the Humans.

Subject: “FOR THE HORDE!” The Chieftain bellows form the depths of his savage soul, commanding his brethren forward to illustrious victory. The demolishers are pressed forward, though their lumber creeks defiantly in their crude design, these tools of destruction are on the path to sate the thirst of their driver’s ravenous desires.

Every beast has his place, be it the battle engineer, hastily constructing offensive positions, or be it the tauren warrior, savagely holding the front lines with their sheer might. As one they move with purpose. Grunts shout orders to their subordinates unendingly. Utterly dedication to their war chief, they ensure all is being carried out as instructed. The clan can not tolerate defeat!

The Human’s camp is not far, and even though the site of their carefully constructed buildings is one worthy of respect, as well the horde’s skill of destroying such buildings is no less impressive. The siege is an art, an art few other than the furious horde have so fully master.

Reason:This started out as an assignment for my perspective class. I was to demonstration the use of proper Uphill perspective by including a road, buildings, a four wheeled vehicle, and a two wheeled vehicle, as well as people. Of course, I couldn’t just through some regular buildings and people in it, especially when I had a chance to render some fun warcraft scene. So there you have it, after layers and layers of tracing paper used to frame the buildings, some rendering and coloring, mission complete.

Name: “Siege” what else would they be doing, going to a tea party?

Next time: My goal for next time is to simply have a feature out WAY faster than this time.

Thanks to those who don’t throw rotten vegetable at the screen because that poser, Raihn, is still posting. I hope to have a new feature out sooner than later, and it will perhaps not be as complicated, but hopefully it will be as enjoyable.

P.S. Thanks go to bunny, for not killing me.

-God bless, Raihn

© 2006 Joshua Keyes

Click here to link to original WCReplays.com Art Feature!

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