HearthStone Twitch Emoticons



Twitch emoticons I’ve been working on today to submit to Kripp.  Any feedback is appreciated.


Hero Khadgar, looking intrigued/disgusted. Could be fun for Subs to cheer on a class, cheer for an arena pick, or express the mentioned emotions.


Hero Magni I think could be fun to express surprise/excitement/happiness. Again, could be used to cheer or jeer the warrior class as well.


Thought it would be fun to express hate, surprise, or cheer for Top decking.


Bombs are often the epitome of random rolls in HS. I feel like this could be used for Lucky/No Luck, getting blown up, suspense, etc.


DeskJunkie suggested I make a drums icon, so here it is.


This is very challenging, but I decided to give it a shot anyway, Kripp Barbarine face as emoticon.


Kripp has trouble sleeping sometimes, sometimes he’s tired, so I thought it would be fun to have an emote going so viewers can show support. Also could be fun emote to express being ‘unimpressed’.

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