Sketchbook Therapy – Father’s Day Treasure

I have a lot of father figures in my life that I like to honor on Father’s Day.  Fathers that are friends of mine that I think do an amazing job, my imperfect father and step father, as well as mentors in my life that have played a fatherly role.

I reflect on my times with my father, the good times of playing with toy cars and toy soldiers.  Building snow forts and fixing bicycles.  I reflected on the small amounts of time we were able to spend together after my parents were divorced.  My introduction of music as a budding teen, and reading Calvin and Hobbes on the same Christmas morning at my father’s house.  Just being in the environment he built, enjoying my Walkman blaring Peal Jam while being tickled by the Bill Watterson’s cartooned adventures.  All the while aware my Dad was busily going about the house fixing things up, cleaning things, getting ready, and probably just enjoying us being there with him.

Additionally, I reflect on my step father.  He made a lot of mistakes as a father figure.  That being said, a large part of who I am is owed to him.  Gaming, dungeons and dragons, reading a lot of fiction, and a love for technology are all due to his influence.  I remember listening to Zelda 1 being played night and day, Castlevania 3 coming into the house as a price sent out by Nintendo Power magazine, won through his interests.  The positive memories I have include us playing Street Fighter II on the SNES, and late nights watching and commenting on X-COM strategies, and chip tunes seeping into my bedroom as I dreamed of fantastic tomorrows and far off places.

Perhaps these are some of the reasons why I enjoy twitch tv so much, and definitely a large part of why I’m involved in a Casleroid indie project.  I learned that despite all the the things I learned how not to do from him, I did learn that video games and imagination can bring people together.  This is why I love being apart of the eSports community, and enjoy contributing to

I reflect on the time I’m able to spend with my best friend’s children.  Seeing attributes of their personalities rawly displayed in their children is a joy.  They give me joy knowing their potential, and reminding me of all the interactions I’d had with their parents, those things helped shape who I am today.  I see my friend’s fathers in their parenting style.

Most importantly I reflect on my own daughter.  This most of all.  The treasures she has gifted me far surpass my hopes for this humble life I’ve been graced with.  Cheers to her, the best father’s day gift ever.

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