Sketchbook Therapy – Armor Up, Dont We All

JoshuaKeyes_ST_20150423_ARMORUPIntimate insight cannot be pried from a person, it can only be shared. – Joshua B. Keyes

Recently I saw a bit of news popup while traversing through social networking sites.  It was RDJ walking out of an interview he was doing to promote the upcoming Age of Ultron film.  The interviewer seemed to want to turn the interview into a very personal insight piece on the actor and his past, focusing it seemed much less on the purpose of the interview itself.   REF LINK

The whole situation hit a chord deep within me that resonates with many other returning veterans, I believe.  There are just some things that you don’t ask, because no verbal comment will appropriately answer the question.  Only after you know someone, share in some experience, taste something of their soul, may some answers awkwardly conveyed in this inadequate communication we refer to as dialog begin to be received.

I know very little of Mr Downey, but I do know he spends an substantial amount of time helping children’s causes, and has rushed to the aid of others in dire situations. Like many Vets who have given so much of themselves for others, I would hope we dont focus on their darker moments, but allow those of brighter parts to shine.  Further, I would hope that we can all remember that each of us is more three dimensional than we are presented, so flatly on these two dimensional surfaces perceive as dispensing ultimate knowledge and insight.


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