Sketchbook Therapy – Happy Minion

Happiness is sharing that which you cherish with those whom you love. - Joshua B. Keyes
Happiness is sharing that which you cherish with those whom you love. – Joshua B. Keyes

Today’s Sketchbook Therapy.

Additional Thoughts:

My Dad likes to use action figures to post on Facebook. They are all characters in his mini ‘cartoon’ that finds its setting in his daily life. It’s a little like ‘Toy Soldiers’ meets ‘Toy Story’ meets ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ meets ‘MASH’. I think the concept is related to a popular web show called ‘Action Figure Therapy’. Though, my Dad’s production is really meant for friends and family via Facebook, and provides a lot of laughs and genuine fun.

One of his such postings inspired me to sketch this morning. I realized the concept is a great outlet that I’ve attempted in other ways in the past. A sketch-a-day, traditional blog posts, speed-paintings, or various forum community involvement. The problem with those things is that once you start you sort of become beholden to the community, idea, or ideal. It starts as a forum for free expression but can quickly turn to bonds of responsibly and expectation.

The above inspiration paired with the recognition that I need to express visually, while also ensuring I’m don’t over commit, led me to the mental categorization of ‘Sketchbook Therapy’. Since its more of an idea than an actual product I don’t have to feel the need to have some sort of actualized sketchbook, and ‘therapy’ suggests a bevy of interpretation. It’s therapeutic for me to exercise my skills, thoughts, and experiences visually. But the name may also imply that perhaps someone else may be compelled, realizing some joy or satisfaction for themselves through the work itself.

I’ve found an outlet for my musings of philosophy and life, void of a shallow tweet or post quickly washed down the ever constant scrolling stream of social media. The sketch lends an extra bit of resilience to the words. For me, I get to center my thoughts, meditate and mull over an idea or concept in a forum that I cherish. Then, I am able to share it happily with those whom I love.

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