Twitch Icon – Arbiter

  Resize     Redrawn    Chibi

I tackled what I thought was going to be a much more simple task.  Taking a Starcraft 1 arbiter and making a Twitch icon out of it for a well known Starcraft 2 player.  Being that the Starcraft assets where already quite small, I assumed that resizing it a little smaller wouldn’t be to bad an approach.

To be honest it wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t satisfied with the muddy result, so I decided to do a rough redraw of the image to simplify it a bit, This was it stand out a bit more when sized down.

As a final pass I tried a Chibi version of the unit.  I find that doing chibi versions of characters and objects forces you to bring out the most important design choices that make the subject identifiable.  The result I felt comes across fairly well, but using it is a matter of taste.  Using Chibi assets in any design will push it toward a bit more of a cute esthetic.

ScreenShotDemoChibi_01 ScreenShotDemoOG_01 ScreenShotDemoReDrawn_01

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