IdrA Logo Reflection


About a year ago I had the pleasure of working with Greg ‘IrdA’ Fields on his solo brand logo.  He was one of the most responsive and engaging clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  The logo processes went smoothly. Though a bit on the long side, we both ensured IrdA was getting a logo that would hit all his key branding goals.

IdrAlogoWe started out by getting the right look and feel for is name.  We veered away from using symbols or abstractions to convey his Brand, after all IdrA was IdrA.  The name had a cool symmetrical and simple look, so we pursued that line of thinking when developing the core Logo.

After the this main lettering element was settled, we thought it would be enjoyable to embellish the design with a cheeky cartoon ‘Graken’.  A fan calling card of his.

idra_out-of-game-overlay03Release the Graken!  An out of game overlay demo and illustration I created.

Kraken01  This cartoon concept went through many iterations.  From comic book edgy to over the top cute.  In conclusion we struck a balance of something we felt was easily readable, but also conveyed the right amount of attitude.  We liked the symbol a lot, so it is what we used for IdrA’s twitch channel subscription badge.

2013-05-24-09.55Edgy comic cartoon version of Greg the ‘Graken’

Below are thumbnails for about half of the concept sheets that I used to develop the logo.  The most important factor to me in creating a logo for a client is that they are getting something that they really enjoy.  I try to develop the ideas from the ground up to be readable and identifiable.  Also, I feel like a logo shouldn’t be over complicated.  A flexible logo is one you can embellish to your hearts content, after your address the core considerations of the basic design.

Idra-Logo-Draft---Page-A     Idra-Logo-Draft---Page-C   Idra-Logo-Draft---Page-F     Idra-Logo-Draft---Page-H  Idra-Logo-Draft---Page-J  Idra-Logo-Draft---Page-NKitten Idra-Logo-Draft---Page-O Idra-Logo-Draft---Page-Q

Once again it was an enormous pleasure working with IdrA.  He is extremely intelligent and was very professional throughout the entire process of creating the logo.  The feedback he gave was outstanding.

Often I’ll have to struggle for a client to trust my judgment on certain aspects of a design.  Once again, in the end the Logo development process is one that requires the client to communicate in their own voice.  Greg would challenge and question my suggestions but he always respected and carefully considered them.  He understood we both had his success in mind.

Currently IdrA has given up a solo Starcraft career, but he still streams some Heros of the Storm from time to time.   I wish nothing but the best and brightest future for Greg, and thank him for allowing me to help realize his Logo.   – gl hf!

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