Revamping Work Flows

I’ve be pretty crippled by the abundance of work that I must do in my game and daily life, so I’m looking for ways to revamp my current situations. I plan to attack the situation by giving myself proper tools and workflows to circumvent the speed bumps and focus on the hurtles.  A new desktop arrangement, savvy task management tools, taking time to properly annotate and build personal references, and proper outlets for expression and logging are my initial thoughts on mitigating the madness.

2014-01-04 21.57.13

New Desktop Arrangement

I have my small Alienware mx11 on the left and my very badass desktop on the right.  I have Ubuntu running via Wubi on the left and windows 8 on the right.  In the center I have my wacom monitor tablet ready for use.  I utilize a monitor mounting arm that allows me to be more flexible with positioning my monitors.

  • Changing monitor positions is important
  • Using double monitor in portrait position is very refreshing for working with text and file management.
  • When not drawing on wacom, be sure to change up positioning.
  • Sitting is just fine – ensure you are stretching and doing exercises throughout the day

Task Management Tools

Notation is a very important key to successful people.  Taking the time to annotate thoughts and tasks is important.

  • Trying out to do list apps – Wunderlist – Nitro – etc – Squad Book
  • OneNote for game – Requires confidence in Microsoft and paid office keys.
  • Android Arts style html – Requires css and html practice – most self sufficient.

Taking Time to Annotate and Reference

Not just having options to annotate but also making the time to do it should be considered as OK.  Here are things that I should take the time to do, and some workflow outlets included.

  • Blog – A place to quickly post any ideas, sketches, fancies, studies quickly.  Should be done for anything that is a rough idea.  Post thoughts as much as possible, keep challenging yourself and pushing your writing and quick iteration skills.  Blog daily if possible.
  • Project HTML – Look into forming an index/webpage/dataplex of work as you have in the past.   Update your past workflow by using the structure Android Arts has provided.  This is a place that you can publish slightly more formed concepts and ideas.  The is the next step from a blog, more of a best of and more congealed thoughts, philosophies, and concepts.
  • TODO Lists – To do lists that help allow you to leak all things that you want to do out, but with separate categories is very important.  TODAY – NEXT – LOGBOOK – ++LISTS is the organization of Nitro.
    • Today – help you focus on the imitate at hand work.
    • Next – up and coming tasks that should be your next step, might not know when though
    • Logbook – Achieve accomplishments!  Very important to be able to look back at what you’ve achieved, this prevents burnout and exhaustion.
    • ++Lists – Random lists of wondering thoughts that can later be refocused and adjusted.
  • Build Cheat Sheets – Building cheat sheets will help to organize your information so that you can refer to it later.  Don’t expect yourself to remember everything, you’re brain is better and getting refreshed in a process than storing all the specifics of that process.


Indie Art Adventures – Outlet for art growth and thoughts.  Anything to do with professional thoughts and works can be used here.

Thunder Road to Glory – Outlet for more personal life adventures and experiences.

Unchosen Paths – Decent site for work regarding the current conception state of the our indie game.

Mecromage – Site for posting pubic content for indie game Mecromage

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