Mecromage: About the Game


Title: Mecromage
Genre: Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, Platformer
Developer: Unchosen Paths LLC
Release Date: No official – Shooting for Winter 2013 but we could be years off..
Languages: English

About the Game

Mecromage is a role-playing platformer that focuses gameplay on meaningful combat, rewarding exploration, and immersive atmosphere. In a realm where Manacrafting has long ago beaten back technological titans and orbital invasions, an era of imbalance has settled, tainting the region and perverting its natural laws. Many secrets, artifacts, and tactics will need to be unveiled if one wishes to bring balance to the fantastic yet fragmented realm.




In his supreme desire to secure the land from harm the Mecromage has seized control of the realm, and has managed to rule from his silent fortress for generations. At first glance there is an eerie peace about, though looking closer it is evident that the constructed sentinels of the Mecromage are indeed hard at work continuously quelling any foreseen ‘threats’ to the land.




Power alone will not topple the might of the Mecromage, but in that you shall not be lacking. Wielding the Crystal artifacts you collect you may summon any number of weapons of war at will. Carefully craft your character’s combo and combat style simply by utilizing and improving your weapons of choice. Vanquish your foes with great efficiency by swapping equipment sets at clutch moments to augment your defense or capitalize on the weakness of your enemy.




Choose your path wisely as you traverse the regions occupied by the Mecromage’s patrols. Uncover ruined temples, mysterious caves, sacred grounds, and regional clans. Explore carefully and thoroughly, uncovering artifacts, hidden passages, and interesting characters. Be wary of unexpected encounters as you search to find the keys to the truly restore balance to the land.



Role Playing

To obtain your full potential you must take note and learn from your surroundings. The town and wilderness have interesting stories to tell. Craft your character through stats, skill, and socialization. Some enemies may require more than a blade to truly turn back.



MAYBE Voice Talent Narrative
Might have voice narrative


Metalvania is a term that could describe both the style of gameplay as well as the amazing musical score custom made by a certain guitar playing Goat. Well know from, Goat will conduct all the game’s custom track goodness, rebirthing an era of guitar-sweetened side scrolling symphonies.

Platform: Windows PC with low system requirements, Steam (hopefully), PS4 (hopefully), OUYA (hopefully)

Features: Single Player Campaign, In Game Replays, Full Controller Support, Complete Musical Score, Future Content Patches



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