Master Haloth’s Trinkets and Trade

What wealth of junk or gem holds within this wizard’s collection of rare mana vessels and vintage kitten care contraptions?



Shards, Prisms, Crystals, and Orbs all contain some magic.  Some more powerful than others!  Oh, the things a wizard could concoct if he had enough Shards!  Or the constructs he could power with the right Prims.  A great find indeed are the Crystal’s that hold the skill and weapon of their former Battle Mage wielders.  The Orbs, a frightening and new blight upon Neoblon.  Whoever finds the Orbs of Imbalance will surely find only death soon after.



Some special Orbs have been been greedy about absorbing Elemental Mana.  But for what mischievous machinations could such a mana magnet be formed?


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