SC2Pro Stream Front

I was commissioned to do a budget web splash page.  The purpose -to have a stream front that fans can navigate to and see multiple streams simultaneously in action, from a given team or group.  The challenge – to create a design in three hours.  While I accomplished the initial three hours concept goal, I did spend another three refining some of the ideas. 




The project was a success, but I really would like to explore the design and concept much further.  I truly believe its only about 20 percent of what it could be.  Some things that I’d like to explore:

  • User profiles
  • Team Groups/Channels
  • Multiple Layouts for focuses
    • 2v2 – Head to head layout
    • 1v1 – Head to head layout
    • LoL – Full team Stream layou
    • Event Layout – snap shot and fluid quick navigate for getting around an entire event
    • Full Channel Chooser
    • Bandwidth optimizer – Using information on the users internet, recommend layouts that should run optimally.
    • Intuitive chat integration
    • Simulate crowd size in some way – a group of people looking at something draws you attention and creates excitement, somehow visually emulating this via webs would be cool
    • Drag and drop from list of active streams into layout slots – This would be really great for touch screen interface, and emulating gestures with mouse.  Slide away a stream from a slot, drag one in.  The entire feel of managing steam windows would be like dealing cards on a felt casino table.  Layouts would provide guides that you can ‘deal’ you stream channel choices out to.

But alas, time is the most valuable of resources!

Initial guide from client 

 sc2prostreams03sc2prostreams06    sc2prostreamsB01sc2prostreamsB04    sc2prostreamsC02

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