Overlay for X-Com Stream


A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine ‘Kayfix’ and I decided to play a run through of X-Com with ‘Field Expedient Muliplayer’.  The idea is that we run with two teams of four, and that all deaths are permanent (as stated in our code of conduct) and the we cast the xenomorphic extravaganza.

XC screen


We hope to convey to those not in the know what X-Com means to those that are.  Utilizing the overlays and a fair dose of over excitement we feel like we are approaching a stream that is to at least to our satisfaction, if not to that of the general gaming public.

You can check out our episode playlist at Youtube.com/StreetLevelGaming

As part of the process of developing the ever evolving overlay elements, I decided to make a speed painting of the xCom operative avatar that is currently the default for all our units.



  1. I love the presentation and idea for this playthrough. Couch co-op XCOM can be the funnest game experience anyone can share. I only wish there was a way to actually transfer unit control to a second player, that would make the experience so much better.

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