Daily UP 2011.10.26

Goal:  Reset frame for hero and come up with some bad guys!

Daily UP vLog: 2011.10.27

Our new hero and old hero, unimpressed by the Borderlands Ogre.

spartan armor
Some good old Spartan inspired armor


Sprite:  Starting with a basic image of a man I will push to create several armor sets from the initial pose.

  • When going into production for the animation as few colors should initially be used as possible.  Animate shape to shape in passes to create detail, don’t try to put all the detail in first.
  • Remember to save out ‘simple’ character guides that have the very basic versions of the character to animate from.
  • Cloak can be an option, a fun piece of fabric that blows in the wind all on it’s own

Character concept: Here I will put some concept ideas for the hero concept

  • The veteran warrior.
  • Right now I am centering the concept of the character on a veteran Spartan-like warrior.
  • I want him to really be exaggerated and stocky.  He has been encased in stone 100 years ago at the peak of his empire.
  •   He was an applauded Sergeant, and leader of an elite guard.
  •   He was sent out to the outline mountains to investigate possible disturbance.  The disturbance was a Medusa, and she turned him to stone!
  • The empire he served has fallen to a evil entity.  He is re-discovering his homeland.

  I was able to create one new hero sprite today.  Comparing it to Uncle Fluffums you can see how we have more of an extreme epic hero.  I still do like Uncle Fluffums, and wonder if he still might appear in the game in some way.

Tomorrow I hope to get at least 2 more armor sets on the hero to see how he feels changing it up.  Maybe we wont like him in the end, though.  We will see.  I should also attempt another female hero, as well as touch up and include the older female sprite I created a couple years ago.  See how those compare.

Also, I want to make some more enemies to fill the zone. I think it will be important to give enemies VERY small amounts of frames until they are finalized.

Note that this project took me much more time than I anticipated.  I’m not totally sure why, but it was a lot longer process.

0715: Meeting notes and pre meeting thoughts
0735: Meeting begins
0930: Meeting ends
>> Break << ( total 2hrs)
+ 2 hours: working on organization levels and blog posting
1830: Start sprite work about 1 hour
>> Break << (total 1hrs)
2000: Start sprite work
0018: rough start, but having some good progress. Making notes of some breaking up etc.
0315: wrapping up.
0415: Fin (total 8hrs)

Total: 11 hours Total SiST: 21 hours

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