Downwhere’s Man


A friend of mine from the WCR community has been hard at work on creating a series of hilarious videos where he takes games that allow you to make morality decisions and plays out the meanest of the options. He commentates over the gaming for added entertainment.

So far Manshizzle, the the selfish antihero and star of the series has found himself guzzling glory in Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Fallout. Feel free to be entertained at his youtube channel: youtube/downwhere (WARNING, Manshizzle’s exploits are the polar opposite of a G rating.)

Manshizzle Time Lapse Youtube background design by Joshua Keyes

I couldn’t help spending some time today drawing up my version of Manshizzle. To make the endeavor worthwhile, and to send thanks to Downwhere for his hours of entertainment, I presented Manshizzle as a youtube background for his channel.


Beware:  ‘Manshizzle will break you!’’

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