Oh, it’s the Of..

Oh it’s the Of – Cover album artwork © 2011 Joshua Keyes

A band called ‘Oh it’s the Of’ contacted me and requested that I create in image for their album cover, the project sounded interesting (literally – their music sounds interesting) and thus I agreed.

Speed Painting of ‘Oh it’s the Of’ Album Art



The band’s music is very technically challenging with many timing and key changes.  Conversely the content of the music is very loose and interpretive.  Overall the music seems very rebellious.  It’s music, but technical to the extreme, and content that is descriptive of a realm far from the mundane.


These points are important to note when discussing and coming up with concepts for a visual of an album.  Any art is communication, and thus it is my job as an artist to communicate to any who glance at the cover what the music is all about.

Also in consideration, the band requested to have snippets of song ideas and content to be illustrated.  As well, the band loves plays shows dressed in less than ‘every-day-garb.  Such as the foil lederhosen. 


All these pieces must fit into a cohesive and digestible form.  The aim for this piece is for it to be utterly fantastical, but the world itself takes itself very serious.  The actual content of what you are seeing is ridiculous and silly, but its done in almost a veristic and epic fashion.    This is designed to communicate the duality of the band’s identity.  Almost mathematical artistry of timings with tons of fun and fantastic content.


Wallpapers are available

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