Four Oh Four Screen


Check out the speed painting!

It is customary for websites to have error pages that are somewhat fun. Its frustrating when things break on the internet, so if we are hit with something that makes us smile, it is a bit easier to let go the frustration in running into a glitch.

For I had the idea of using the ‘King of Blades’ Critical Striking the webpage. This idea came to mind as I was thinking of the numbers involved with the error screens. I am, of course a huge fan of Warcraft 3, so when thinking of something that related to such a huge number as 404, I quickly found myself seeing Critical Strike numbers popping out of my poor Arch Mage as he would desperately seek the solace of a Holy Light, and a StormBolt to slow the blade delivered death that was sure to be his destiny.

Further, errors usually come out of no where and surprise us. We have all felt the sinking feeling as we go to build another depot only to find that most of our workers have become scrap sinking into the quick digital grave of nothingness. Remember that time you thought you got your red health hero out of the battle, the sigh of relief as the shop comes just into view? You can almost taste the health potion restoring hope to a struggle of a game, only to be sliced into shambles as the Blade appears to strike you down as well as the any chance of victory. Without mercy the killer sprints away already hungry for more battle. So too does the ‘King of Blades’ lurk at every corner!

The ‘King of Blades’ is a nick name I thought of for Grubby, and thus developed the mascot to represent his name. It is, of course a Blade Master that has reached so high a level of training he was able to wind walk the planes of existence. He found a strand of common warrior philosophy in the great teachings of the Dark Templar, and found himself welcomed as a spiritual brother and even deliverer in times of need to the Protoss warriors. The art bending of time and space, after all is quite familiar to the psionic race.

I hope to finish this wallpaper soon for others to support the King of Blades on his new journey restore harmony and balance to the most tainted of worlds.



Thanks for reading! Open-mouthed smile

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