Pixel Interpretations: Castlevania 3


A new series of speed painting videos called, "Pixel Interpretations" show me rendering out game pixel-ized images producing an outcome of how I imagine the subject to be.

The following are all Interpretations of Castlevania 3’s Intro sequence.


Joshua Keyes Video redux of Intro to Castlevania 3

Click the more button to see some of the speed paintings that give more details on the illustrations that I created for this project.





The Castle of Dracula



Trevor Belmont Introduction pose.



Trevor’s ending pose.



This creation took only a couple of hours.  It was a real treat seeing where the original artists where going with their establishment of back lighting.  It is quite impressive how much movement, and how dynamic the character is despite the massive lack of resolution and color pallets.  These, though are some of the reasons why the pixel art intrigues me so much, and why I believe it does for others as well.

One of the most endearing things about the low resolution pixel images is that your imagination can take the rough silhouette and run with the concept.  For this piece, the artists went a step further in darking the features of the man.  This way, the player can really feel like it could be them in that vague image on the rolling title.  It all adds to the mystery and intrigue that so defines the Castlevaina series, and is just another reason why it is such a fantastic game.

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