WCR Cartography Art: Thief in the Night

Today I am pleased to present an exciting installment of an Ogre Bob custom Campaign. This, the first five of of a ten chapter Campaign, is meant to challenge players to make quick decisions in risky environments.

Thievery follows the adventures of Rahkan, a famous Satyr thief. When Rahkan stumbles across a big score, his greed may pull him down a path he could not foresee.

Thievery is a campaign focusing more on stealth than combat. Sneak around enemies, solve puzzles, fight bosses, assassinate weak enemies, and collect gold and items. You will find it is somewhat akin to Zelda games.

The campaign is difficult so you want to make sure to save your game here and there. Keep in mind that Rahkan is very weak and can die very quickly. Look before you leap.

The load screen created by Raihn includes a speed painting. if you are interested scroll down to the bottom and check out the Raihn Replay, and pick up the wallpaper!

We hope to bring you more original and exciting Warcraft content soon!



“You know I’m a fucking ninja, right?”

Rahkan is the thief who you will be following in this journey.


“Just don’t say I didn’t warn you when you’re removing the inevitable knife from your back. Happy hunting… ”

Right away things get interesting as a fellow theif is competing for some loot.


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