Hero Icons for Dahnjin’s WCreplays Project.

Select your hero
Select Your Hero

Created 24 face illustrations to be used as icons for the 24 heroes in Warcraft 3.  These icons are used at WCrepalys.com as part of their replay generator, developed by Dahnjin.


  • AM
  • MK
  • Pally
  • BloodMage


  • DH
  • KotG
  • PotM
  • Warden


  • BM
  • TC
  • FS
  • SH


  • DK
  • Lich
  • DL
  • CL


  • Naga
  • DR
  • Panda
  • Beast
  • PL
  • Tinker
  • FL
  • Alchemist

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