WCR Art Feature: Cleansed By Fire

Fire Emperor

Hey guys! Sorry that the art features are few and far between. Among other things, I have been busy with some freelance artwork that I have been doing, as well as trying to get through school and set up a website to compile my works. If you are interested you can check it out at raihn.wordpress.com.

Has there ever been a more exciting time for gaming!? We have amazing games coming out everywhere! eSports community has been growing like crazy! Personally I have been keeping up to date with some StarCraft tournaments now that I can count on Tasteless to cast it up over in Korea with GOMtv gaming madness going on! Also things are getting exciting with the good ol’ WC3L, as well as BlizzCon coming up and just after Blizzard WWI too!

As far as art for gaming goes, it has exploded. When I first started working for WCR there were only a handful of WarCraft images for us fans to drool over. Now there are literally hundreds of images to check out from the realm of Blizzard’s own concept work to their fan art program. I hope though you can still take the time to enjoy some good ol’ Raihn Art of War features!

Reason: This feature stems from WCR’s on-going King of the Hill tournament. We here at WCR thought it would be great for the member that wins the honor of becoming king of WCR to be able to tout their title in style with an Avatar corresponding to their race. The fire lord above stems from the random race avatar I created. Below, you will be able to view higher quality versions of all the WCR KotH Avatars! Remember, either kneel and honor these gaming badasses that manage to hold the crown or dethrone them through ego shattering victory in the bi-weekly KotH tournament!

Name: Cleansed by fire. Apparently if you look up the fire lord in battle.net’s stormstout guide you will find the being to be quite angry. For my Firelord, I decided that perhaps the elemental was not angry so much as serving a purpose. Much as wild fires in nature serve a purpose in destroying shrubbery to make way for new life to spring forth; I believe there is a noble cause for this Firelord. Death brings about life, and even though this reaper of flame brings about certain destruction, it is not without its purpose as well; therefore he could be considered a force of good, consuming the growing evil and darkness about him. As he says himself, “I’ll light the way,” and “They will be cleansed by fire.” So, look out evil stuffz, you gon’ get burned!

This time it was quite a bit less exciting, I think. But let me know what you thought either way. I am interested in your opinion.

– God bless, Raihn

Click here to view the King of the Hill Avatars

Click here to view the original Raihn’s Art of War art feature!

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