nShadowsong’s Dragon

Steph's Dragon

My wife and I like to play a game where she will make some lines on a paper and then I will create what I see out of the curves and sketched lines she has drawn.  These are usually really quick and fun drawings.  Steph really enjoyed this dragon sketch, so I decided to fully render the dragon.


There were tons of considerations and challenges with this piece.  I spent far too long working and reworking this image.  If you watch the Speedpainting you can see where I had to rework the pose several times.  Also I have spent a lot of time trying to get the composition a bit more comfortable.  There are things about it that bother me still.

Either way, the image was a fun rendering, a challenging composition with some wonderful curves.  Putting some story in this one was entertaining too.  We often are treated to the human perspective of seeing the dragon swoop down from the clouds to attack, but here we have a chance to see from the Dragon perspective the scene that may play out.


  1. It’s so beautiful! It was fun watching you dissect our sketch. You are master with the scalpel! 😀

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