5 comments on “Head of an Akkadian Ruler

  1. This historical piece of Mesopotamian art was looted from the Baghdad National Museum supposedly during the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. It is important to note that all 100,000 pieces of art in the Louvre survived the invasion by Germany into France in the 1930’s and 1940’s. It is also important to note that Iraqi units were quartered in the Baghdad Museum prior to American intervention. Iraqi uniforms with Iraqi army shoulder insignia were found both on the grounds and inside the Baghdad Museum dropped there days before and the evening prior to American Armor entering the Iraqi city. History is only interesting when it is told accurately and seeing that this sculpture was looted by either museum insiders or Iraqi Army personnel, this underscores the nature of humanity. Bear in mind that the USA is not allowed to destroy artifacts even in times of war. Again, it was the US Army that assisted in the reclamation of thousands of French artworks hidden and bound for Germany in WWII. But it added nothing to the historical record to allude that American Armed Forces had anything to do with the loss of Head of an Akkadian Ruler. This antique in the least has seen the fall of its original home and its mutilation by the invaders. It has survived only to be stolen during yet another invasion on its native land, though this time not by the invaders, but by the native people themselves.

    • Yes, as I stated. Good point about the Louvre. The Nationals stole the artifact. Its interesting that criticism is leveled at the US in the articles that I read. Perhaps Saddam should have cooopertated with the UN?

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