WCR Art Feature: Get Down With the Cygnus

I am pleased to present to you all, the first ever, Raihn’s Art of War piece. A feature brought to you by none other than WCreplays.com. Lacking the APM and strategic mind of a Gosu, yet still wanting to give back to a community that has entertained me so long, I decided to employ my artistic abilities. The result is above.

Subject: Demon Hunter/Dread Lord

Time: 20 plus hours

Reason: Perhaps one of the most graceful, troubled, and deadly Heroes in WC3 is the Demon Hunter. Every player knows this brooding hero can take and dish out pain amongst the greatest of champions. Despite being the bane of my Archmage led HU army, I cannot dismiss the fluidity and passion to which the Demon Hunter focus’ his chaotic powers. This warrior walks in forever darkness, gliding through chaotic abyss, in selfless effort to save his people. No Hero deserves a little appreciation more than he.

Name: Down With The Sickness by Disturbed was the song of the day while I drew this picture, it seems fitting as the Demon Hunter’s own theme music. Also, I recall WCReplays’ Audio Commentator Mr.Cygnus was a fan of the Demon Hunter, so naming the work was an easy task.

Enjoy the work, check back soon, feel free to request work for the next feature!

© 2005 Joshua Keyes

Click to link to original Art Feature


    1. hahah, Thanks for the correction. I actually want to re-color this, it was one of the first digital colorings I had ever done.

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