Pixel Interpretations: Castlevania 3


A new series of speed painting videos called, "Pixel Interpretations" show me rendering out game pixel-ized images producing an outcome of how I imagine the subject to be.

The following are all Interpretations of Castlevania 3’s Intro sequence.


Joshua Keyes Video redux of Intro to Castlevania 3

Click the more button to see some of the speed paintings that give more details on the illustrations that I created for this project.


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A Funny Flood

Funny Flood

My second serious acrylic painting attempt from my beginning painting class.  We had a still life reference that included a stuffed bunny, some vases, fake grapes, and a rubber ducky all laid about on a large piece of blue paper.

This image strikes me as warm and friendly injected with some dramatic flare.  What I enjoy most is that every time I look at this image I am so certain there is a story there, but still I am just not sure what it is.

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Stolen Flower

Stolen Flower

This is my first full fledged painting.  It is of a still-life utilizing a limited pallet.  Unfortunately someone liked it so much they stole it out of the classroom.  Fortunately I had a poor photo of the painting that I attempted here to stretch and light correct to resemble the original as much as possible.  Please contact me if you know anyone with this original, I would very much like to have it back, it was to be a gift to a family member.