WCR Art Feature: Tremble Before Me

Well guys, here is a left over treat from Halloween. I hope you all enjoy the work put into the feature. College has definitely been a help. I have been applying what I learn in my classes to my Art of War, and I hope that it shows. The thing is, now I want to go back and redo just about all my other features. I would appreciate some feed back, would you all enjoy me going back and fixing some of that crappy coloring that I did on the old Art of War. I thought perhaps every tenth feature I would spend some time going back and updating the old features.

Subject: The mud flows red with the blood of Orcish warriors, the opposing clan fiercely presses in, and Magis Coldeye is out of options. Too wary of the overwhelming demonic power, the Far Seer has refused to call upon the forces of chaos for many seasons. But tonight that oath, made long ago, will be broken.

Scrawling the runes with perfect precision, Magis’ begins to ready himself. He knows not what demon will eagerly trespass through the planar crack he intends to create. Magis knows well that the perversion of nature that comes forth from the portal may indeed sway the tide of the battling clans. But first, the ancient shaman must dominate the demon’s burning will, or be destroyed.

Violently the ground shakes and the runic symbols strobe intensely. The energy implodes surrounding the area in absolute darkness; such is the power of the vortex, for it consumes even the energy of light. Quickly, Magis must stem the flood of fear that threatens to drown him. Though the darkness has yet to abstain, all know the terrible voice of Gogonash ,

“what is your feeble request ?”

Reason: Even before I sat in the crowd at BlizzCon (yes I went to BlizzCon!! Thank you bunny, you rock!!) I began work on the Pitlord. This hero is perfect for some Halloween fun, also, I just love playing him, even as Human. When Evil V pumped out a “Pimplord” audio and I knew exactly what feature eight would be.

Name: “Tremble Before Me” Come on, this guy is just scary. Am I right?

Next time: Dota unit next time?? What do you all think?

In closing, I would just like to say that the players that I met at BlizzCon are absolutely amazing people. It seems that gosu skill in WarCraft coincides with outstanding personality. In no other sport are there players that present such a great example of themselves. All of you who are looking to be pro out there, let it be known the key lies not just within your macro, or your micro. As in all other things in life it’s the level of personal character you achieve that determines your performance. These players great WarCraft skills are just another after effect. Thanks guys for putting the time in to make these great replays.

P.S. Thanks go to bunny, yet again, for helping me get into BlizzCon. Thanks to all the great people that I got to meet and hang out with as well! And big thanks to all the great people that come to WCreplays.com to check out all the latest in WarCraft news in events!

-God bless, Raihn

© 2005 Joshua Keyes

Click here to link to original WCReplays.com Art Feature!

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