WCR Art Feature: Sketches of War

NO! I’m not dead! But I should be shot! BlizzCon is thirty minutes from me and I failed to get a ticket. Last time I rely on my art skills for anything right? But you guys coulda told me that, I’m sure. Lots of sweet stuff happening these days!

I’m so stoked about the show match today, you guys have no idea. Moon vs. Grubby, SwEeT! I can’t wait. I will be in school, of course while it happens, but I have a friend that is going to be text messaging me the match results as they are released. Here is hopping Grubby wins. Grubby is the man simply because he is such a good guy. I love it when nice guys don’t finish last. Oh, and ToD, I disown DrZaP84 for talking crap on you in his audio. Ignorant people never get far, I’m sure you know that. For all those out there who don’t realize it, ToD is one cool guy. He contributes a lot of time to the community. Even though he owes me nothing, he has contributed his advice and replays on my feature more than a few times. Go Go ToD, and thanks again for being an amazing Human player! (there are so few…)

WC3L is coming to a close and check 6 isn’t where I hoped they would be, but that’s alright, they battle through some tough clan issues while taking on some of the toughest players in the world. Overall, all played some really great games. I can’t wait to see the U.S. teams take more wins out there. Word to United 5, you guys rock. Thanks are in order to all the teams that played, due to the countless hours of fun replay watching!

Oh yeah, I hope you guys enjoy the feature too..
Subject: Sketches of Warcraft/Fantansy characters. I have a Mountain King in there, a paladin, a Shaman, and something else Warcraft I am sure of it. Your challenge is to find ‘em all (feel free to use your imagination.)

Reason: I have a lot of sketches that never get to make it through the 20 hours of coloring, so here you guys go. I get a lot of comments on how horrible the coloring is, and how the sketch looked much better so, this is for all you guys. I will be getting Illustrator soon, and I am told it is Holy Grail of coloring programs.

I’m not trying to pull one over you all, as they say. This wasn’t some grand scheme that I came up with to be uber artistic. I straight don’t have the time for the full blown feature right now. Had a death in the family, moved, worked, schooled, and socialized. Indeed folks, life happened to me, and it can happen to you, too. Tread carefully, and pray a lot.

Name: Ummm…. I wont insult your intelligence. (Art of War, sketches of war, get it???)

Next time:Well, I had a few ideas here. Feel free to give feedback (big thanks to the three people that have PMed me, you make me feel special). If you guys like one of the sketches I may finish it off, color and background, the works. If you guys want more sketches, I can do that, too. I didn’t relinquish all of my favorites. I have about 20 more scanned in that I wouldn’t mind you guys checking out. I have a Spell Breaker that I have been dying to color.

Big thanks goes out to YourFather for help with the Java scripting. That’s right boys and girls, go give YourFather a big hug. As always, gogo bunny for your support, and for not canning me for a late Art Feature. GL HF shoutcasting at the BlizzCon!

Sorry, no new Gosu Secret, saving that for the feature that is due out soon. I apologize to anybody who might have been looking forward to the feature and it is late. I hope some of you out there will understand. Besides, you guys got that Archmage to stem your art cravings, although that means all the work I put into drawing mine will be put off for about four months. I’m sure all you Night Elf players out there would be upset if I drew another Human unit. Unless it’s getting burned by that pimp, the Demon Hunter. Maybe next time a PimpLord for Vaulander. I’ll bet he counts them at night to go to sleep, one PimpLord, ah ah ah, two PimpLord, ah ah ah, Three PimpLord, ah ah ah …. Vaulander, your audios rock man, I love the live ones. Great entertainment!

God bless, Raihn

© 2005 Joshua Keyes

Click here to link to original WCReplays.com Art Feature!

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