WCR Art Feature: I Am Not Afraid

Whew! Seems like forever since my last Art of War Feature, but at last it has arrived! This month’s feature was a lot more work than the past features, and I hope that it shows. Not only is this for all you WCReplays fans, I also submitted it into Blizzard’s BlizzCon Fan Art Contest. Unfortunately, no word back from them. I don’t know when they are suppose to announce the winners, but I do know the contest has been over for about a week or so. Oh well GG, Raihn = owned. There are whispers my job title is going to change to “Staff Noob Artist” from “Staff Feature Artist.” Though, I suppose I shouldn’t give up hope until they annouce the winners. I hope that at least some of you out there will like it.

Subject: With a rise of his mighty hammer he calls upon the Light to smite the unnatural plague that infects the living. The perverse creations disgust him beyond the obvious physical foulness, their cold rot threatens to dim the flame of hope he has worked so hard to keep ablaze in this land of turmoil.

The combat peaks as rotting corpse fling themselves at the selfless battling souls. The lord of darkness commands his unworldly troops in the relentless, merciless attack. The scourge soon realize they are against something different this hour, for the tactics of fear, hate, and disillusion reveal themselves as useless. It is apparent that their enemies’ coupe relies on values that counter these weapons of darkness. Courage, passion, and a clear understanding of their chosen path guide the unyielding Paladins in the battle.

A mighty heave of a battle hammer sends another pile of remains flying backward, the corpse will not lift again from these battle grounds. Sweat pours down this holy warrior’s face, stinging his eyes as he meets with his next exorcism. It is a large heap of flesh three times his own size and reeking of the most unearthly things.

The warrior bows his head, and locks his eyes in prayer. He searches within for his courage, but is quickly reminded that it not from within that his courage comes, it is from the Light above. The souless mangled machine of death may be the end of his journey in this world, and if that is so, then the Light’s will be done. The Paladin fear not their destiny.

The defilement swings wildly its multiple limbs, agitated by the prospect of such a vulnerable victim. Believing the warrior simply refuses to look at its most gruesome girth, the souless mound of meat recklessly charges it’s mass forward in a rush of elation. The five foot cleaver, thirsty for fresh blood, hungrily leads the way. The creature, neigh, the fallacy meets confusion in the place of fulfillment as it some how finds itself unable to command it’s butchering arm, unable to take the life of the rank hammer wielding creature before it. Incapable of understand the unexpected impediment the monster casts its gory gaze upon it’s intended victim, inspecting what unseen force denies his inevitable ecstasy. How the thing wished the eyes it met had stayed shut, for the intense glory burning eyes were the last thing the abomination would ever know. Indeed, the Light’s will be done.

Reason: The contest called for my favorite character placed in a recognizable location. As you can tell (hopefully) that my favorite hero is the noble warrior of faith, the Paladin. The location as you can see (but most likely won’t figure out) is that of the fountain in the middle of The Lost Temple (ROC.) I love this location because of the huge statues overlooking as the intense action takes place on the map.

Name: “I am not afraid” obviously, is something that the Paladin will say in game. For me, it relates to the scripture that I just happened to open my bible to before I cross the line of departure into Iraq as part of the march to Baghdad. “Joshua 1:9 Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” I was sure I wasn’t going to make it out of that mess until I read that, then I realized it really didn’t matter if I made it out or not, it was all God’s will.

Next time: PM with wants/desires for next time.

Well guys, as usual I hope you enjoy all the work. Be sure to check out the extras! See you all around next month. Feel free to PM me with questions and whatever you might want to see of the feature. Big thanks to 4K.ToD for all his advice and support on the feature, and of course bunny for putting the feature up. Take care all, peace.

-God bless, Raihn
© 2005 Joshua Keyes

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