WCR Art Feature: Ready to Track

Been a long time guys, but I hope the feature was worth the wait. There’s a lot of great stuff going on at the site since my last feature. We had CPL where my favorite HU player took the win with style, we got WC3L going on strong, some amazing new columnists shaking up the community, and last but not least, the Pimp is back in the house. It’s good to be here at WCReplays.com. All around, it’s good to be a WarCraft fan. Shoutcasts, Waaagh!TV and sweet programs like EverCraft are just a few things that we fans get to enjoy for with no extra charge. Shout out to all those people who make WarCraft way more than just another computer game. Give’em some love.

Subject: Crisp, clean, sweet is the air that he breaths deep. Rich is it, with the fullness of life, the magic of nature. Slowly, controlled he exhales, and with it all the impurities of his sprit. Away goes his brutal past, his angst, the inequities of his life, the greedy desires of the future. Seemingly alone he stands basking in the new morning sun as silent and unmoving as a giant redwood. Heavy battle axes rest easily at his side as the half Ogre breathes that which is around him, becoming one with its perfection. The sprit of the wood further strengthens him with each breathe. Each taste of the aroma’s permeating the wild elevates his awareness, every sparrow, field mouse, and panther is made known to him.

Only moments pass and the warrior returns to his original focus, to the necessary task at hand. Comfortably settled amongst the scattered stones of the grassy clearing the survivor glances at his feral companions, the truths of nature. Loyal is the powerful Bear lumbering to his side, brash is the unrelenting fury of the Quilbeast, wise is the watchful Hawk ever on guard as he circles above. The Beastmaster confirms the sent of his quarry with a low growl; “I’m ready to track.”

Reason: The Beastmaster has always been one of my favorite Tavern heroes. It’s unfortunate though, because in past patches it just wasn’t wise to play him as Human. I was jealous of the Night Elf and their flexibility; they could select the warrior with no qualms. Now it seems there is justice, as the Beast has become quite a valid second hero choice in the Human arsenal, especially versus the mighty Orc. This is my tribute to the badass brawler, he can bash with the best of them, while at the same time pump some killer summons. Give him a go, it’s sure to be a good time.

Name: It’s usually good to pump a couple of your summons out before heading into battle. This way, by time you get into battle, you can pump a couple more. You always want to be ready to poke some eyes and kick some groin. In the picture the Beast has got all of his summons out, and like he says in the game, he’s “ready to track.”

Next time: PM with wants/desires for next time.

I hope you all enjoy the feature, can’t wait to catch you next time. Give me some ideas, so I can get fired up about the next feature. If you didn’t catch bunny’s post, you should know that I am going to be dropping down this feature to every first Tuesday of the month. About 30 hours every two weeks is like a part time job, and I already have a full time one, not to mention I have college starting up in two weeks. Oh, and everyone welcome back Mr.Cygnus, lets hope the pimp sticks around for a while!

-God bless, Raihn
© 2005 Joshua Keyes

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