WCR Art Feature: Stompin’ Grounds

The Night Elf obsessed have seen the Demon Hunter get down with the Cygnus. The prestigious of the Human alliance have been honored. The Undead know just what keeps the pretty hate machine going. Now ladies and gents, I am pleased to welcome you to the Orc allied Tauren’s, stompin’ grounds! Be sure to check out the amazingly awesome T-Rider’s audio as well as his sweet replay pack dedicated to the solo TC!!

Subject: The rumble is felt more than heard, each step is a small quake. A rhythmic protesting as the earth revolts against the industry of man. The relentless pounding increases pace, near matching the beating of the wide eyed worker’s hearts. They know not what horrible creature will emerge from the swirling mists, what terrible redeemer of the earth will form from the deceptive vapors. Wise men scramble for useless arms, responding to the muffled toll of the normally resounding bell of the Hall. Wiser men scramble away, preferring to cast their luck in the comparative security of the creep infested wood.

Emerging from the fog empowered by the sprit a thousand ancestors, the bull-thing closes distance quick as death. The rhythmic pounding blends into a continuous rumble of the inevitable. Hopelessly the initial shock recovered attempt defense. Bearing hit after hit from the raining spears above, the redeemer seems only to gain speed and ferocity. In the end, many succumb to the rippling earth, betrayed and consumed by that which they tilled through out their short life. Others are swiped easily aside by the beast’s unbelievably huge war blade. All fall to the Chieftain in this, his stomping ground.

Time devoted to Feature: ~ 25 hours

Reason: I really wanted people to veer away from the cookie cutter strats, and get motivated about another OR hero that I think is freakin sweet. Yeah, we all know the blade master can deftly swoop in and kill your peasants, the Far Seer can fry your weak casters, and the Shadow hunter put up a mean tower rush, but nothing is as cool as seeing a single hero take down a towered human expo solo. Not to mention this is about the only goodly hero that could body slam the Pit Lord, now how bad ass is that?

Name: This credit goes solely to WCreplays’ very own Wick3d. I was stuck on what to name the product, so I sent the pic to Wick3d and asked him to tell me what his first impression was. I personally think Stompin’ Grounds is good way to say TC > all.

Next time: PM me if you have any ideas for this section.

Be sure to check out the sweet replays that T-rider put together for the solo TC! Huge thanks go out to him for putting out a lot of time resultin a first class audio as well as some fun replays! As always I am interested in your reactions. Hope you guys enjoy this feature!

-God bless, Raihn
© 2005 Joshua Keyes

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