Revisiting the Probe


I first created this image back in 2008 after watching a GomTV match featuring Nick ‘Tasteless’ Plott as the commentator of the eSports battle.  It was Averatec-Intel Classic Season 1, Never vs Shuttle Game 2 at the two minute mark when a probe became an unexpected warrior.  Quite impressed with the probe’s performance Tasteless exclaimed, “That probe probably has Tattoos and piercings he’s so badass”.   

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Frost Mage – Lady of Ice

Frost Mage

The Frost Mage was a commission piece for a wow character.  It was fun trying to incorporate the misc. WoW gear and tabard.  I would love to have spent more time fixing the hands as well as rendering the staff of weirdness.

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Cyber Reaper

Nerd Reaper

     A fun digital sketch exercise ran away from me as my mind raced as I envisioned the nerd reaper.  The gathering of digital souls is a large job, since Mario gamers have been plunging to there Deaths an uncountable number of times.

     Here stalks the key master and gate keeper of Death, frag fester, nub nuker, rage writher, respawn reaver, the Cyber Reaper.

The Tasteless Badass Probe

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This is a wallpaper I drew up after I watched the game Never vs Shuttle with Tasteless Casting. The line was so funny to me, I couldn’t help but draw it, then I decided to make it into wallpaper size. It’s a quick and rough, but it was fun.

Check out more cool Tasteless quotes at the Team Liquid forums, or visit the Tasteless gaming official website.

CD cover: Clockwork Ultraviolence

The following is an illustration I created for a compact disc cover for an album entitled ‘Clockwork Ultraviolence’ by a band based from Europe called, ‘Four Question Tags’.
CD cover I created awhile ago, but revised recently © Joshua Keyes 2008 all rights reserved

Wallpaper I made of the illustration I did for the CD 1440x900 click to enlarge and download © Joshua Keyes 2008 all rights reserved