Daily Sketches–nShadowninja & A Tree


This sketch was of a aggressive ninja ready for an attack!



I don’t often draw environment subjects, but since I have begun work on my Indie gaming project I have become much more interested in scenery.  This tree formed from some fun curves that I sketched on a paper while doodling one day.

Good Times at the Track

Good Times at the Track

This is a sketch that I later colored with photoshop while I was visiting my dad in the pits of Reno-Fernley Raceway. We hung out most of the weekend dispensing fuel to the drivers. We played some cards, chatted, and watched the races. Memories to treasure, indeed.

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The Warriors Burden & Helmet of Chalcidian Shape

This is The Warrior’s Burden. As part of a project for my Art History class I decided to draw what I visualized a warrior of the day wearing this esteemed piece of gear. The following sketch is of the helmet itself.

The Warrior's sketch © Joshua B. Keyes
The Warrior’s Burden © Joshua Keyes 2008

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Getty Ville exploration of the Helmet of Chalcidian Shape

Getty Ville exploration of the

Helmet of Chalcidian Shape

A man happens upon a shallow pool and takes a moment to observe the glitter of scattered coins shimmering in reflections from the beneath rippling waters. The man takes the time to focus on one brilliant coin, and considers its travels. How much more immense must it be to consider the travels of a warrior’s helmet that is thousands of years old, than the ripples of a coin cast into a wishing well? Through observation, research, and personal interpretations of the antiquity of the Helmet of Chalcidian Shape, this piece will be analyzed for personal interest, historical context, and composition.

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Revenge of Lil’ Red Riding Hood

2007_revenge of red riding hood

I drew as a fun riff off of the old fable of little red riding hood.  She is all grown up now, and seeking revenge for her grandmother by slaying all the were wolfs in the land.  I hope to color this sketch at some point.