Motorcycle poster for my now famous Dad – A learning project

Motorcylce poster for my now famous Dad

Motorcycle poster for my now famous Dad - Click to view larger image - Joshua Keyes 2008 all rights reserved logos, designs, concepts, belong to their respective owners

The original design was from a poster brought from my Dad’s trip to Moto GP a couple of weeks ago. The poster concept and design belongs to Yamaha. The photograph was taken of my Dad riding his Ducati during his Zoom Zoom track day at Reno-Fernley Raceway.

We thought it would be fun to make a parody poster for of him using the same style as the Yamaha poster. I replaced the logos with things that relate to my Dad, military unit crests, friends business, and products that he likes to use, as well as the Reno-Fernley Raceway logo.

This was a very interesting project for me, it gave me a chance to deconstruct and analyze the work of another artist. In the process I learned a few new tricks, and gained some more experience created effects, cleaning up logos, and improved on some logo designs that weren’t sufficiently compatible with the poster as is.

DISCLAIMER: This is a mock poster design for personal educational purposes, this is not an attempt to resell or abuse endorsements of the depicted companies.

Revenge of Lil’ Red Riding Hood

2007_revenge of red riding hood

I drew as a fun riff off of the old fable of little red riding hood.  She is all grown up now, and seeking revenge for her grandmother by slaying all the were wolfs in the land.  I hope to color this sketch at some point.