Grubby – How’s the Weather?

How’s the Weather Wallpaper – Full size link

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Four Oh Four Screen


Check out the speed painting!

It is customary for websites to have error pages that are somewhat fun. Its frustrating when things break on the internet, so if we are hit with something that makes us smile, it is a bit easier to let go the frustration in running into a glitch.

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King of the Hill Avatars for

What is this?

Recently I was asked to create custom Avatars for weekly king of the hill (KotH) warcraft 3 contest in association with The avatar is to be 90×90 px and is of the Fallen King. The Fallen King is he who loses his KotH position, and must wear the crown of shame until the he redeems himself, or until there is another fallen king.

Updated Gallery of King avatars:

Orc King – Human King – Undead King – Nightelf King – Fallen King

Larger versions:

Click to watch the speed painting video of the Fallen King

Click to watch the speed painting video of the Undead King

Click to watch the speed painting video of the Orc King

Click to watch the speed painting video of the Human King

Click to watch the speed painting video of the Nightelf  Commander

Click to watch the speed painting video of the Fire Elemental

all images © Joshua Keyes 2008 all rights reserved

Stolen Flower

Stolen Flower

This is my first full fledged painting.  It is of a still-life utilizing a limited pallet.  Unfortunately someone liked it so much they stole it out of the classroom.  Fortunately I had a poor photo of the painting that I attempted here to stretch and light correct to resemble the original as much as possible.  Please contact me if you know anyone with this original, I would very much like to have it back, it was to be a gift to a family member.

The Warriors Burden & Helmet of Chalcidian Shape

This is The Warrior’s Burden. As part of a project for my Art History class I decided to draw what I visualized a warrior of the day wearing this esteemed piece of gear. The following sketch is of the helmet itself.

The Warrior's sketch © Joshua B. Keyes
The Warrior’s Burden © Joshua Keyes 2008

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Political Cartoon for Washington post


    Another Ad I have illustrated in conjunction with DIP and (Politically Correct the Game) for The Washington Post. I quite enjoyed the final outcome of this project.  Political opinions aside, I just enjoy the color and mirth of the project. 

Talk Radio Comic

I often times listen to talk radio while I work on my various graphic projects.  One of my favorite shows is the ‘Bill Handel’ show.  Rich Marotta is a superiorly entertaining and talented voice on the show.  There is a lot to love about this man and his amazing career, but at times the listeners and others on the show don’t show very much respect for his well educated opinion.  

This cartoon pretty much an inside joke to those who listened to the show during the election era of 2008.  Check out Rich on the Bill Handel Show on KFI.